KYC Approved Anonymity

All the advantages of anonymity without its downside with AssureDefi, now Pinecone team has a gold standard identity verification certificate in the shape of an NFT.

We are thrilled to announce that our KYC via AssureDefi has been APPROVED.

We are committed to the safety & security of our investors, and we believe this to be a hugely positive step for the Pinecone Community.

Anonymity: Curse or Blessing?

Anonymous teams are although sometimes considered risky for post-2017 investors, it is at the core of decentralisation of any project aligned with the blockchain ethos. Knowing the true faces behind projects might be a relief to background check and see past experience of the team, yet it is stated by fact that Googling names can never guarantee the success of a project. Moreover, many successful projects are launched and are operated in pure anonymity protecting contributors from any prejudice and the product from contributor personalities’ negative or positive traits.

Essentially, blockchain and cryptocurrencies introduced the notion of trustless and permissionless finance. When work and product speak for themselves, there is actually no need to trust the team’s own personalities. On the contrary, sometimes team members and founders’ own shining personalities can deflect eyes from what is actually the most important to monitor: open-source codes and smart contracts. Smart-contracts are the essential of due diligence. Rather than leaning on the founders reputation which might be blinding in many cases making the whole project dependent on mortal behaviours, therefore, susceptible to fluctuations accordingly, anonymous teams lead investors to focus on the product and ecosystem. For a project to stand on its own, for each contributor and investor to own the project and not feel like they are creating values for few public personas, anonymity opens the way to success renouncing the reputation of it in case of success.

In summary, anonymity comes with advantages as well as perceived disadvantages. Mainly, it protects the founders from social engineering attacks, threats, impersonation scams, law and regulatory enforcement and various other politics. But are there any ways to prevent the disadvantages of investing in projects with an anonymous team? The answer is, yes!


Our drive to know the personalities behind although can be satisfied by being able to Google the names behind projects, it is not what we actually want to know. What we actually know is their background check, which is a greater indication of a person’s ability to deliver projects with integrity and business ethics. If they are involved in criminal acts before, if they ever bankrupted, these are the valid questions, not the listed schools on LinkedIn which can be faked in the end.

AssureDefi is created to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) for anonymous teams. They do the background check in an encrypted way, and once it’s approved, they mint this certificate of verification in the form of a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) on the blockchain. They provide compliant, decentralised, encrypted and secure integrity of identity to provide an extra level of protection for the investors of DeFi projects.

We are proud to announce that Pinecone team is verified passing this thorough KYC process and acquired the gold standard identity verification certificate anyone can easily see on OpenSea through the link below:

or on AssureDefi’s own archive:

We will continue tackling all the issues of the sector implementing them in the best way possible partnering up with the pioneers in the blockchain space. We aim for transparent, honest, eco-conscious community learning, investing, and growing in reciprocity.

About Assure

Assure is a platform focused on bringing a suite of unbiased informational resources to DeFi start-ups.

Their offerings include compliant KYC services, Optix Audits & Due Diligence Reports all designed to help prepare projects for success and to help build investor confidence and relations.

Learn more about AssureDefi




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Pinecone is a decentralised collective asset management community without any central authority to regulate financial and public policy decision-making.

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Pinecone Community

Pinecone Community

Pinecone is a decentralised collective asset management community without any central authority to regulate financial and public policy decision-making.

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